Kate Woodford and Liz Walter

Liz Walter

Experienced teachers and writers

We have written and contributed to a huge number of books, worksheets, blogs, online resources and more. Our work ranges from general grammar and vocabulary to more specialised areas such as collocations, common errors, phrasal verbs and pronunciation.

And having taught students from many different countries and at many different levels, we really know what works (and what doesn’t!).

Our readers

Our readers come from all over the world. They know that a good level of English will help in their studies, their jobs and their travels.

We understand that everyone is busy and wants to get the maximum advantage from their study time. That’s why our books contain 30 mini lessons – one for every day of the month – that can be done at home, on the train, while dinner is in the oven – any time you have a spare 10-15 minutes!

International Students
Kate Woodford

Not just teachers

Liz: I’m a bit of a yoga enthusiast – my mother-in-law could wash her feet in the sink at 87 and I’m hoping to follow in her footsteps! I’ve been attempting to learn the cello (who knew how difficult that would be???) for several years, and love going on holiday in our trusty VW camper van.

Kate: I love cooking and animals, but not cooking animals, (I’m a vegan!) I like hanging out with my family and friends in cafes and walking my grumpy but adorable little dog.